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Written by Owusu-Acheampong At the heart of Christianity lies the concept of atonement—the reconciliation between humanity and God accomplished through Jesus Christ. This week’s devotional aims to provide insight into […]

The Narrow way to the Kingdom of God

Written by Rain Monday, Introduction We have heard time and again about the Kingdom of God, what is required of us to get us to this Holy and beautiful Kingdom […]

Seed of Hope

Written by Asamoah Introduction This week on hope diary, we will be discussing seed of faith .Our responsibility as Christians in following the path of christ to fulfill his goodness […]


Written by Adomaa Monday Let’s share a word of prayer:Father we thank you for our lives and for Your word that is coming to us. Help us to apply in […]

Freedom of Life in the Spirit

Written by Tenewaa Introduction In Romans 8:1-2, the Apostle Paul delivers a powerful message of liberation and transformation for those who are in Christ Jesus. These verses encapsulate the heart […]

Discovering Joy

Written by Ikay This week on the diary, our devotional, we are focusing on one of the Pauline books; Philippians. It will be an attempt to explain the letter, by […]

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Written by Tina WHAT IS BAPTISM? In many churches, baptism is a widespread practice. However, there is a lot of dispute regarding what it entails and how it should be […]

High Priestly Prayer (John Chapter 17)

Written By Ebo Introduction This week on Hope Diary, we will dive into the High Priestley prayer of our Lord as indicated in John 17 The Bible’s Chapter 17 in […]

Journey Through the Psalms

Introduction to the “Journey through Psalms” Series Written by, Eben. Introduction In the rich tapestry of the Bible, the book of Psalms stands out as a collection of poetic expressions […]

Care for the Needy

Written by, George. Day 1 This week on our Hope Journal, we are looking at Care for the needy. Almost anyone can claim to ‘love’ people but how we express […]