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Written by Ikay

This week on the diary, our devotional, we are focusing on one of the Pauline books; Philippians. It will be an attempt to explain the letter, by using selected verses.

We are undertaking this devotional based on Philippians to deepen our faith, experience the true joy that comes from a Christ-centered life, and strengthen our relationship with God.


Before we begin, let us go before the Lord in prayer;

Dear God, we commit our study to you, open our eyes to see you and see the need to cling to your sovereign grace in these times instead of chasing empty desires of this world. Forgive us our sins, strengthen our faith in you and guide us in all we do this week, Amen.


Brothers and sisters, when we talk about joy, we’re not talking about a fleeting emotion that comes and goes with the circumstances of this world. True joy, as revealed in Scripture, is a profound, supernatural gladness that emanates from our relationship with the Almighty God. It’s a joy that transcends the trials and tribulations of this fallen world.

You see, joy isn’t found in the pursuit of worldly pleasures or the accumulation of material wealth. No, it’s found in Christ alone. In the book of Philippians, the apostle Paul himself, while in prison and facing hardships, speaks of joy repeatedly. Why? Because his joy was rooted in Christ, not in his circumstances.

This joy, dear friends, is birthed in the heart of a believer by the Holy Spirit. It’s a fruit of the Spirit, evidence of our union with Christ. It’s a joy that enables us to rejoice even in suffering, knowing that our sovereign God is in control of all things.

So, let us seek this deep, abiding joy that can only be found in Christ according to Paul in Philippians;

For us to learn more on this topic, here are some recommended resources:

-Book of Philippians
-The MacArthur New Testament Commentary: Philippians” by John MacArthur

-Philippians: Reformed Expository Commentary” by Dennis E. Johnson

  • The believer’s Earthly Joy(A sermon by John MacArthur)

Monday, He Completes his work.

Dear brethren, rest assured that He who initiated a good work in you will undoubtedly bring it to perfection on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ, for His faithfulness knows no bounds.

Today, reflect on the assurance that God, who started a good work in you, will bring it to completion. Trust in His plan for your life and have faith that He is working in you. Grace to you.

Tuesday, Philippians 2:3

Good morning abusuafo, I hope we are all doing well, by God’s sovereign grace. We shall continue the study of the book of Philippians.

Philippians 2:3 underscores the call for believers to embrace humility by considering others as more significant than themselves, reflecting the selfless attitude exemplified by Christ.

It encourages a community marked by a Christ-centered humility that seeks the well-being of others above personal ambitions or pride.

On this day, focus on the importance of humility and putting others before yourself. Consider how you can practice selflessness in your daily interactions.

Have a great day, grace to you.

Wednesday, Philippians 3:13-14

Philippians 3:13-14 tells us to focus on the future rather than dwelling on our past mistakes or achievements, much like a runner who keeps their eyes on the finish line. It encourages us to keep moving forward in our faith journey, aiming for the goal of becoming more like Christ and receiving the heavenly prize He promises.

Reflect on Paul’s determination to press on toward the goal in Christ Jesus. Take time to identify areas in your life where you need to let go of the past and focus on your spiritual journey ahead.

Grace to you, have a great day.

Thursday, Philippians 4:6-7

Dear friends, Philippians 4:6-7 reminds us not to be anxious but to pour out our concerns to God through prayer, and in return, God promises a peace that surpasses our understanding to guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, providing us with an unshakable foundation in the midst of life’s challenges.

One thing we should know is that, the life of the believer is hard, that is why it is a narrow way. It’s a life based on biblical principles created by God given to us through Christ not our feelings, everything we believe in is opposed to what is sound and right in popular culture today.

There will be extreme hard times, you may feel worried about the future,etc but Philippians 4 provides us with these tools we can rely on.

Meditate on the promise of God’s peace that surpasses all understanding when we bring our worries and concerns to Him in prayer. Spend time in prayer today, laying your anxieties before Him.

Enjoy the rest of the day, grace to you.

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