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This week on hope diary, we will be discussing seed of faith .
Our responsibility as Christians in following the path of christ to fulfill his goodness and oneness.

Before we begin, let us go before the Lord in prayer;

Dear God, we commit our study to you, help us know and understand our purpose on earth. Forgive us our sins, strengthen our faith in you and guide us in all we do this week, Amen.

Everything in life starts with a seed—including the things we receive by faith. God says in Genesis 8:22, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest … shall not cease.” The eternal law of seedtime and harvest, planting and reaping, giving and receiving will not change as long as the earth remains.

The seed we sow is our LIFESTYLE,
What we do, how we do, when we do. Let’s reflect on them if they will be worthy God’s sight. Are they worthy seeds?

1 cor 3 :7
Enlighten us to strive for God’s glory. Walk in his path by accepting him as our lord and personal savior, not been selfish by loving our fellows as ourselves.
As stated in mark 12 : 29 – 31
When we truly love God. And we love our neighbors as ourselves it is more important than burnt offerings and sacrifices. These will draw us near the kingdom of God which is the ultimate Goal of every believer.

We are nothing in ourselves, nor in our own account, or with respect to God: we are nothing of ourselves as servants of God; we have nothing but what we have received; all our gifts are from God, nor can we exercise them aright without the grace of God, not being able to think a good thought as of ourselves; nor are we anything in making their planting and watering effectual; and so no glory belongs to us; nothing is to be ascribed to us, we have no part or lot in these things:

but God that giveth the increase;
he gives us our abilities, assists us in the exercise of our gifts, makes our services useful, and he has, as he alone deserves the glory.

Day 2

Good morning beloved, we continue our series on seed of faith from Genesis 8:22

Genesis 8:22, was a promise of God to Noah after Noah offered a sacrifice(sowed a seed)
Scripture says God smells the aroma and is pleased. Gen 8: 21.

Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” Hebrews 11:6

Everything in life starts with a seed. Whatever we see manifested in the world and in our life today began as a seed. And, every seed that is planted must be received by faith. When we sow a seed, put it in God’s hands then watch God graciously and mercifully send the miracle that we need based on our faith. No matter how small our faith seems to be, God will meet the needs and solve problems that appear as impossible mountains in our lives. Believing in God is a step to our faith in him.

Let’s Pray
Gracious and most hug Lord we thank you for another opportunity of life. It’s by your grace and mercies that we live. Our hope is in you. We pray that you forgive us our sins and help us to live a fruitful life. Father Lord help us to sow good deeds in other to operate in the covenant of harvest. Father lead us, protect us, bless our works as we step out to glorify your name.

Day 3

Let’s share a word of prayer:
Father we thank You for Your grace and mercy that has brought us this far. We pray and ask for understanding of Your word that is coming to us in Jesus Name Amen.

We continue our series of seed of hope from matthew 17:20.

faith comes from hearing and believing the Word of God. After that, however, the only way for our faith to grow is to use it.

if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,”

Genuine faith is either present, or it is not. If it is present at all, it is enough for miracles.

We must sow seeds(live our lives) in God’s trust by following christ Goodwill.

Jesus uses the mustard seed to illustrate the kind of faith we need because the tiny mustard seed grows into something much, Much, MUCH bigger than its original size. In other words, our faith is meant to grow… a lot.
Take the opportunities God gives you to see faith in action. It’s not enough to say you have faith or even believe God is God. True faith grows when you let God be God and do what He does best—the amazing and seemingly impossible.

initial introduction to the concept of faith is small. It is faith that comes from hearing and believing the Word of God. After that, however, the only way for our faith to grow is to use it.

Have a wonderful day

Day 4

Mark 11:24 says, “Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”

The moment we ask God for something — the moment we do our part and plant our seed of faith—we should believe God that the answer is on its way.

It’s important to expect our miracle so we can recognize it and reach out to take it when it comes.

And it’s also important to remember that God controls the time and method He will use to give back to us. We must keep trusting Him and expecting our miracle, no matter how long it takes to reach us.

So give God something to work with today. No matter how little you think you have, sow it in joy and faith, knowing you are sowing seeds so you may reap miracles.

Remember: God always sends the right answer at the right time, in the right way. His timing and methods are always exactly right for our lives!

Let’s Pray
Gracious God we bless your name. We thank you for the glory you’ve shown unto us. We pray that you forgive us our sins. Guide us to walk in your ways and lead us away from temptation. Bless our works as we step out.

Day 5

We thank God for his mercies and goodness. May his mighty name be forever praised. Amen.

Paul is talking about the abounding grace of God, that God is able to make all grace abound to you, in order that you may abound in every good work. He will supply all his sufficiency at all times in all things so that you may abound in all good work.

In encouraging generosity; Paul uses the metaphor of farming – scattering seed bountifully. A farmer must not be stingy with his seed. A farmer worried about the waste of throwing good seed into the dirt to die does not understand farming. The harvest will be directly proportional to the amount of seed scattered; sparse sowing will produce sparse reaping; bountiful sowing will produce a bountiful harvest.

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