The Hope Journey Community

Our Gracious and merciful Father We praise and adore You. We appreciate Your love and care You’ve shown us and our families. Holy Spirit teach us to understand your word …In Jesus’s Mighty Name. Amen!

God moves at some times (in a split second). Joseph’s story can serve as an illustration. He received foreseeable dreams from God.

However, everything went wrong after that. He endured rejection, abandonment, sold into slavery, abuse, false accusations, and imprisonment. He was abandoned there.

This time frame was reportedly around 14 years long, and then, in just one day, he was elevated to the throne! Fantastic God.

It may not be in the time frame that we would have thought best, BUT, He knows best.

The TIME comes when GOD RESPONDS and ACTS. 😊

Psalm 37:7’Rest in the Lord; wait patiently for Him to act.’ 

There is a time for God to act.