The Hope Journey Community


Our Leadership structure makes sure one person is responsible for something: a flat hierarchy for quicker communication and decision-making’’ 

This is the Team Leaders who Run day to day operations of Hope Journey.


Isaac Kwame Owusu – (Coordinator)

  • Daily administrative work of Hope Journey.


  • Liaison between the Trustees Board and the team leads.


  • Keep the vision, mission, and objectives of the organization running.

Kwabena Asiedu Boateng – (On-field Project Operations Lead)

  • Leads the scouting for new villages or destinations: Oversees the identification and selection of new project locations


  • Handles coordination and Synergy of the various teams when we get to the field


  • Oversee the work of the various ad-hoc teams formed for field-based initiatives

Asamoah Fianko Isaac – (Stationery Team Lead)

  • Handles all stationery-related procurement issues for Bece Starterpack, Xmas in a Village, and other Training programs


  • Handles production of Hope Journey swags/ merch for new volunteers, and sales to old members


  • Directs and supervises the team during the packing of books on the field at Xmas in a village event.

Esinam O. Nyawuto – (Dorcasbox Team Lead)

  • Works closely with Transportation and Logistics lead to making sure the clothes are collected on time.
  • Organize the clothes-sorting event
  • Directs the clothes distribution team on the field

Bernice Owarewaa Owusu – (Internal affairs and Welfare Issues)

  • Responsible for the care and well-being of associates and volunteers; Checking up on inactive members, etc


  • Mobilise members to show up at life events of members; weddings, parent funerals, outdooring of newborn babies, birthdays, etc

  • Make arrangements for food and other related issues at events.

Rachel A. Asamoah

  • Draw the Diary schedule/roaster


  • Updating the Diary Team roaster


  • Encouraging and Reminding Diary team members every Saturday/Sunday to prepare for the coming week

Owusu-Acheampong Ebenezer – (Health Team Lead)

  • Assembles, Directs, and Coordinate the work of the health team


  • Organise the Annual Health screening project


  • Supervise and deliver reports from health screening project

Asamoah O. Isaac – (Transport and Logistics Lead)

  • Organising and planning transport arrangements for every Hope Journey Event
  • Organising and making logistics procurements and movements for Hope Journey Events

Maryann Blagogee – (Hope Bags Team Lead)

  • Organise the Hope Bags Project; Calling for meetings to discuss issues (pending issues), lead preliminary discussions about the bags project before the ads are rolled out


  • Track the progress of the project


  • Work closely with the coordinator to report progress and problems pending

* These financial principles are based in part upon “The Principles of the Institution,” established by George Muller to govern the activities of the Bristol orphanages (The Autobiography of George Muller, Whitaker House, 1984, pp. 59-61)