The Hope Journey Community

The journey to Ada commenced officially at 5:44 am in Nsawam. The initial bus reached Amartey-Koni near Sege at 8:59 am, while the second bus encountered a delay, arriving at approximately 10:55 am due to a breakdown.

A dedicated team of 36 volunteers participated in various projects, including Mentoring Sessions, Health Screening, Bags Distribution, DorcasBox, and the 5loaves Food Stand. Additionally, 8 community members served as invaluable translators.

The impact of our efforts was substantial, with 220 pupils benefiting from mentoring sessions and over 200 adults receiving health screenings. Introducing a new system for the clothing project, DorcasBox, resulted in over 300 adults actively seeking out fairly used clothes and shoes. Captain Larry’s generosity allowed us to distribute over 150 Croc shoes to lower primary and kindergarten children who did not receive Hope Bags.

Despite these achievements, challenges surfaced during our fieldwork. The absence of a system to track gift distribution led to the possibility of some individuals receiving donations more than once. Furthermore, insufficient school bags was caused by redirecting Hopebag funding towards other critical needs, such as clothing, food, transportation, and program-related challenges.

Gratefully, the school extended immense support by facilitating the organization. Our debriefing meeting concluded at 3:56pm, and we departed from Amartey-Koni at 4:02 pm, reaching the mountains at 6:11 pm and Nsawam at 6:32pm.

Special appreciation is extended to our donors, Friends of Hope Journey for their unwavering support over the past six years, associates, and the Operations Team, including Team Leads, for their pivotal role in project execution. The Board of Trustees stands as our steadfast backbone, providing essential patronage and valuable advice based on experience during challenging moments.

We extend heartfelt thanks to individuals who personally funded specific aspects of the project, such as food for children, adults, volunteers, stationery, and transportation.

In conclusion, we express our gratitude to the Lord for the accomplishments thus far and remain hopeful for even greater things in the future.

There are lots of ways to be as a person, and some people express their deep appreciation in different ways. But one of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something great that would solve specific problems around us and put it out there with the aim of glorifying God.

And you meet new people, you shake their hands, hear new stories from them, you tell them yours.

But somehow in the act of making something with a great deal of care and love, something good is transmitted there.

And it’s a way of expressing to God, our deep appreciation for our salvation.

So we need to be true to who we are. And remember what’s really important to us. That’s what’s going to keep The Hope Journey, Hope Journey: is if we keep us, us.

Yours in His Service,
Isaac Kwame Owusu.