The Hope Journey Community

Amartey-Koni can be found in Ada-West District, Greater Accra.

The Hope Journey Community is pleased to announce its selection of “Amartey-Koni” as the designated community for its upcoming outreach mission. The mission is scheduled to take place from December 2023 to July 2024.

Amartey-Koni, located in the Ada West District of Ghana, has been identified by Hope Journey Community as a community in need of support and encouragement in the area of education. The community has shown low turnout in education for children, and Hope Journey Community aims to make a positive impact by providing spiritual guidance and inspiring the local children to stay in school.

Throughout the mission period, the dedicated volunteers of Hope Journey Community will work tirelessly to engage with the residents of Amartey-Koni, fostering an environment of love, compassion, and support. The primary objective is to witness to the community about Christ’s message of hope while encouraging and motivating the children to pursue their education with determination.

Under the guidance of experienced leaders and volunteers, Hope Journey Community will organize a range of activities and initiatives tailored to address the unique needs of Amartey-Koni. These efforts will include interactive Bible studies, uplifting worship sessions, mentorship programs, and engaging educational workshops aimed at promoting literacy and enhancing academic performance.

Hope Journey recognizes that education is a vital tool for empowerment and breaking the cycle of poverty. By investing in the educational future of the children in Amartey-Koni, the organization seeks to create lasting change and contribute to the overall development of the community. Grace to you.

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